Privacy Policy

We proudly know absolutely nothing about what you put into PenX and what comes out of it.

We don’t track you. We don’t gather, transfer, sell, trade, gamble, stir-fry, ferment, decorate, or dance salsa with your data. It’s your data — not ours.

In all seriousness, privacy is a number one focus for us at PenX. It’s an ethics issue plaguing lots of modern tech companies who could make a buck off of your personal matters. We don’t play dirty, which is why we’ll tell you exactly how your data is handled.

So what do we collect?

The bare minimum. There are a few small, anonymous things we keep an eye on in order to stay alive as a business.

If you aren’t using a PenX Account, we anonymously chart out trends like what buttons are clicked, which features are most used, and how many people are using them. There’s no way for us to know who you are. We just use this info to improve PenX’s design so your translation stays efficient.

If you are using a PenX Account, your notes are synced with our secure servers so you can have uninterrupted access on all of your devices. Your password is encrypted and no one has access to the database but us (for support and debugging). Your saved info also includes your email and optionally your name.

What tools do we use?

On this site we use Google Analytics. All we measure are overall page views and referrals. Just doing our best to make you a bit more invisible online.

Being invisible comes with perks. We can’t follow you around the web with ads. We don’t like ads, either. If we did a good enough job impressing you with Mate, you’ll try it out. If not, we’re just glad you stopped by.


Real life? Delicious. Internet life? Atrocious.

No cookies here. Tons of other sites force you to accept cookies which means they are allowed to follow you across the internet with ads. Yuck. Google Analytics gives us just enough anonymous info to deliver a great product to you or send you on your way. You’re the consumer. Consume what you want, not what’s forced. Consume real cookies, not creepy digital ones.

Google drive permission

When you start to backup you PenX recovery phrase, PenX will use OAuth 2.0 to login google with Google drive scope, After OAuth successfully, PenX create a file which store PenX recovery phrase to user google drive. PenX use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. There is a video showing how PenX backup recovery phrase to google drive:

Contact us

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